Changing your Registration Status:

Members are reminded that they must notify PAM before they retire, resign, move out of province or switch to non-practicing or return to active practice status. PAM has a fillable form for members who are switching to inactive status or retiring/resigning and it must be submitted to the office in advance of status changes.

Moving to non-practicing status- Psychologist and Psychological Associate Members
If you will no longer be practicing psychology in Manitoba, you must first apply to change your status to inactive or resigned. You may not practice psychology or use the title of psychologist, or any abbreviation or variation of this title, when on the non- practicing register or once you have resigned/retired.
Please allow enough time to complete the applicable form and for staff to update the registry.

Returning to practicing status:
Members currently on the non-practicing registry must inform the Association by email before returning to active status. Practicing registration must be in place before you return to practice. Please allow 7-10 days for processing of this status change request.

Click here to download PAM Inactive Declaration Form

Click here to download PAM Resignation Declaration Form