Psychological Association of Manitoba

The Psychological Association of Manitoba (PAM) is the provincial regulatory organization for the practice of all branches of Psychology in the province of Manitoba. PAM is legally constituted to register or certify Psychologists for the practice of psychology in all service settings. PAM certifies individuals as Psychologists (Registered Members), Psychological Associates (Associate Members), and as Psychologist Candidates or Psychological Associate Candidates (Candidate Members). Only Psychologists and Psychological Associates (Independent Practice) may practice independently. Other Associates and Candidates must practice under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist. Registered Psychologists can be identified by their use of the "C.Psych." professional designation which indicates that they hold a certificate of registration as a psychologist with PAM.

Consumers of psychological services should confirm the regulatory standing of their psychological service providers with PAM and whether they are registered by PAM to practice independently or under supervision.

The Registrar may be contacted for information about registration by clicking here

Please Note: P.A.M does not offer a referral service.

If you wish to begin working with a Psychologist, please click on the box labelled "Find a Psychologist" to the right and you will be forwarded to the website of the Manitoba Psychological Society. There you may access an online referral directory for both publicly funded Psychologists, and those in private practice (who have self identified the types of clinical issues with which they can assist). Please note that PAM makes no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information self-reported by practitioners in the referral directory on the MPS website.

If you wish to see if someone is currently registered with PAM, click on the box labelled PAM Registrant Search, and you will be taken to our searchable Database of Registrants. There you can find the registration status of any current PAM Registrant, along with her/his contact information and self-declared areas of competence.

Psychological Association of Manitoba

News and Announcements

June 3rd 2020

Dr. Gary Shady was subject to an interim suspension of his certificate of registration by PAM in October 2018. He subsequently pled guilty to a charge of possessing child pornography and was sentenced to a period of incarceration. Dr. Shady has not been practicing psychology since October 2018 and has voluntarily surrendered his license and registration with PAM as a result of the criminal proceedings.

March 24th 2020

Under normal circumstances, Psychologists from outside of Manitoba are not permitted to practice tele-psychology into MB, without being registered with PAM. Doing so will often result in the issuance of a letter pointing out that the Psychologist is engaging in "unauthorized practice" However, in response to the urgent COVID-19 situation, PAM Executive Council has voted to not initiate an “unauthorized practice” action against an out of province practitioner practicing tele-psychology into Manitoba with a previously existing client provided they:

1. Are registered/licensed in good standing in another jurisdiction at the time the services are provided;
2. Practice only within their areas of competence and in keeping with any terms, limits and conditions on
their license/certificate of registration;
3. Provide the services only to existing clients temporarily in Manitoba due to the COVID-19 situation;
4. Determine it is clinically ill-advised to temporarily stop services and/or to transfer the service to a member
of PAM.

Out of province practitioners are asked to confirm their understanding and acceptance of the requirements listed above, by notifying the PAM office of their intention to provide tele-psychology service to existing clients in Manitoba. Practitioners should email the College ( providing their name, the jurisdiction in which they are registered/licensed, and their registration/license number. While PAM will endeavour to acknowledge receipt of this information, practitioners need not wait for confirmation before initiating service.

Please NOTE: PAM does not have the authority to authorize its members to practice into other jurisdictions. If members of PAM have questions regarding the provision of tele-psychology services into other jurisdictions based on their registration in Manitoba, they must contact the jurisdiction in question. It is our understanding that the other Canadian jurisdictions are taking steps to make this possible but the requirements, (e.g., notifying the College; time limits on such services, etc.), may vary among jurisdictions. The following information from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) may be of assistance.

March 13th 2020

To assist PAM Registrants in addressing the challenges associated with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the following websites are offered as sources of helpful and reputable information:

Information for the Public:

Information for Health Care Providers, Physicians & Staff:

November 17th 2019

PAM Executive Council voted on Nov. 14, 2019 to adopt Part 2 of the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). As of January 1, 2021, all Candidates for registration will be required to pass both Parts 1 and 2 of the EPPP. Until that date, passing part 1 of the EPPP will meet that portion of the requirements for registration. There are no changes to any other registration requirements.

Candidates will be required to pass Part 1 of the examination before they can sit for Part 2. The exam is rolling out on November 1, 2020 and while candidates may wish to take it then (for the purposes of mobility), PAM will not require it until January 1, 2021.

Further information regarding Part 2 of the examination (along with an FAQ) can be found here at

The link above provides a good deal of important information about the exam, sample items, as well as an outline of the reduced fee for initial test takers. We recognize that this is a significant change to the examination requirements for registration as a Psychologist. It is however one that is in line with the need for an objective, valid, and reliable means of assessing entry level competence to practice. With two parts to the exam, the EPPP will now assess both the foundational knowledge (Part 1) and skills (Part 2) required for safe, ethical, and competent practice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions you may have regarding this change to our examination requirements.

April 27th 2019

Please click on the links below to access the 2019 AGM powerpoint presentations:

Friesen 2019 AGM Presentation

Rothman 2019 AGM Presentation

May 23rd 2018

To better formalize a number of policy decisions made by PAM Council over time, a policy manual has been developed and can be reviewed here:

PAM Policy Manual

October 22nd 2017

To assist PAM Registrants in addressing concerns over Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Legislation and their responsibilities under that legislation, a Practice Advisory has been created and can be found here:

Medical Assistance in Dying Practice Advisory

Please contact the Registrar with any further questions or concerns you may have.

November 20th 2013

PAM Executive Council has voted to endorse a recently published Reporting of Child Protection and Child Abuse Handbook and Protocols for Manitoba Service Providers, issued by the Provincial Advisory Committee on Child Abuse. Please take the time to review this handbook by clicking on the link below:

Reporting Handbook

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